Lions Serve at the GAA Special Needs Baseball Game

Lions were on the prowl serving our community in Grayson this weekend at the annual Grayson Athletic Association special needs baseball game. Way to serve Lions! #LCA  

Congratulations All-State and All-Region Players and Coach of the Year!


All-Region Coach of The Year: Ryan Sarrett

All-State Player of the year: Reagan Schultz

All Region Selections: 

Annalyn Kendall

Savannah Pierce

Reagan Schultz

Grace Walden

Ansley King



All-State Player of The Year:  Cassie Boatright

All-Region Selections:

Cassie Boatright

Taurrya Owens

Kirstie Busbee

Nicole Parkerson



All-Region Selections:

Dana Lucas Jr.

Cameron Lifsey

Merritt Reece

Brian Borrero