FOURTH PLACE FINISH! Only 7 shots out of third place!

It was an 8 school meet with just over 100 shooters.  I've told many of you that I thought we could surprise someone this year and slip into the "trophy round" and we came so close yesterday in the very first meet of our season.  

Team winners were Strong Rock w/ 489, Woodward w/ 482, Lake Ocoonee w/ 445 and Loganville Christian Academy at 438!

The 4th place finish w/ 438 targets broken is the total scores of our 3 best shooters.  Jacob Dudik shot a 150 good for 24th overall, Dalton Skipper scored a 147 for 29th overall and Clayton Smith shot 141for 34th overall.  Our 4th best score was Noah Hardin at 138 and number 5 goes to Cecily Berry at 137.

First place in Trap went to A. Green with a 98.  Our highest trap scores were Jacob Dudik w/ an 89, Dalton Skipper w/ a 82, Clayton Smith w/ a 82, Noah Hardin w/ an 80 and Owen Helsens w/ a 78.

First in Skeet went to T. Baldwin with 73 out of 75.  Our highest skeet scores were Dalton Skipper w/ a 65, Cecily Berry w/ a 61, Jacob Dudik shot a 61, Clayton Smith w/ a 59 , Noah Hardin & Jake Oliver w/ 58.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!  To parents for buying guns, ammo and range time. Thanks to my coaches for the time sacrificed in training, studying for tests and attending practices.  And to each shooter who overcame fear to come to that first practice and pit their skills against more experienced shooters.  And then yesterday to walk out to that shooting line and take your place position for the Blue and Gold, the LCA Lions!

They better watch out next time... the Lions are on the prowl...