Loganville Christian Academy Comes from Behind to Defeat Haymon Morris Middle School

At the beginning of Thursday’s match against Haymon Morris, no one would have guessed the Lady Lions A-Team would come away with their first victory of their regular season.  In the first game, the Lions worked hard for every point but could not get ahead with the score 15-25.  However, something happened at that point which was exciting to watch.  Even though they were down, the Lions continued to fight.  They played as a team, calling the ball and making great decisions on defense and offense.  Coach Drobny said, “Perseverance was the theme at practice this week, and that lesson clearly stuck with the girls on the court.  They didn’t give up and worked hard until the final whistle.  I could not be prouder of their effort, and I’m excited that their perseverance is what led them to this win.”  The Lions defeated Haymon Morris with the final score 15-25, 25-17, and 15-10.

The Lady Lions B-Team also had a challenging night against Haymon Morris with the final score 10-25 and 25-18.  Again, the Lions came from behind in the first game to win the second.  Coach Drobny said, “It would have been easy to give up after losing a game, but quitting is not in this group’s vocabulary.  When things got hard, they worked harder.  I was most excited by the way the girls were encouraging one another on the court.  As a team, they are learning to honor God no matter the results of the match.”  Both teams play again on Tuesday, September 5, against Buford Middle School.