Booster Club Passes

Booster Club Passes will be available for purchase at our varsity football home opener on Friday, August 18, beginning at 6:30 p.m. outside of the main gate at Hawkins Field. Passes provide free admission to all regular season sporting events on campus. 

Save time by ordering your passes, reserved parking, and reserved seating in advance by placing your order online here. You may pick up your pre-ordered passes at the Booster Club table near the main gate on Friday night. 

  • Booster Club Pass (Adult) - $140
  • Paw Pass (MS/HS) - $20
  • Cubs Club (Lower School) - $20
  • Reserved Parking (Football) - $60/spot
  • Reserved Seats (Football) - $60/each
  • Heritage Pass (Grandparents) – COMPLIMENTARY (note that Heritage passes never expire so passes issued last year are still valid)